PixelYourSite Coupons & Discount Codes for April 2024

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Pixelyoursite Coupon

PixelYourSite Coupon

A single WordPress plugin is skillful at tracking and reporting every aspect of a website. PixelYourSite is the name of the plugin. This plugin is useful for efficiently implementing Google Analytics. The plugin can also implement Facebook Pixel, and other tools.

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Features of PixelYourSite

Marketers frequently use Facebook Ads to run a variety of campaigns. These campaigns generate a significant amount of traffic to the websites. Tracking these viewers and their conversions is critical. Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool. It enables you to track visitors who arrive via Facebook Ads. On the other hand, Google Analytics is a platform for monitoring everything on a website. Occasionally, individuals are unable to utilize these analytics tools effectively. PixelYourSite is a Plugin for WordPress that simplifies integrating all of these tools. So here comes the PixelYourSite benefits & features. Get the WordPress plugin using our PixelYourSite discount code. With the given coupon codes & discounts for the WordPress plugin, save on the deal.

Monitor Facebook Ads

This plugin includes an easy-to-implement Facebook Pixel. It allows you to track the performance of any Facebook ad. This task does not require any coding. With a single click, you’ll be able to integrate Facebook Pixel. There is no need to track performance manually. This plugin can perform automatic events. Occasionally, marketers may have to track only specific visitor actions.

PixelYourSite is capable of performing this function. For instance, it can track a visitor’s use of a particular search term. Additionally, you can determine the number of downloads for a particular file. Similarly, this plugin enables easy tracking of form submissions, video views, clicks, and other actions. The software enables the addition of various e-commerce-specific events. That is, it is WooCommerce and EDD compatible.


Tracking via Google Analytics

Additionally, this tool’s Google Analytics locating functionality is critical. You will be capable of monitoring all activity on the specified WordPress site. For instance, it can detect the number of form submissions, clicks, signups, page views, and comments. Additionally, this tool assists in configuring various events to trigger them. For instance, it can trigger specific events in response to page visits. Similarly, these events can be activated in response to mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling. PixelYourSite is an excellent choice for integrating Google Ads tags. It can able to track the conversions of the elements after implementation.

PixelYourSite Discount Code & Pricing

Each of PixelYourSite’s three licenses is reasonably priced. If a user wishes to use it on a single website, the price is only USD 150. However, the majority of users purchase it for use on multiple websites. To use this plugin on ten sites, you must purchase the Advanced Plan in 2022 for only USD 189. Similarly, the Agency License is only USD 500. Each of these licenses is valid for one year. Additionally, you will receive a 40% return on each renewal. PixelYourSite offers a generous refund policy. As a result, you can buy its license with no reservations. So if you are looking to purchase the WordPress plugin, check our PixelYourSite coupon here.

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