Lookeen Coupons & Discount Codes for April 2024

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Lookeen Coupon

Lookeen Coupon

Time is undoubtedly the most valuable commodity in the modern world. You must be able to run your computer to execute various personal and business duties. Lookeen is an innovative desktop search application that quickly lets you locate any file or email.

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Features of Lookeen

Assume you work in an enterprise and are required to manage many files. Now, it is critical to locate those files swiftly. Similarly, you may need immediate access to some critical emails. It is critical to employ a desktop search tool to overcome these obstacles. Desktop search tools come in a variety of flavors. Among these, Lookeen is the most useful. This product is highly recommended for all personal and professional applications. So here comes the Lookeen benefits & features. Get the advanced search technology using our Lookeen coupon. With the given coupon codes & discounts for the advanced search technology, save on the deal.

All-round Searching

We are aware of the various forms of desktop search tools. The majority of these programs are limited to locating specific files on a computer. Lookeen is not one of these common tools. This tool is capable of finding a wide variety of critical files. Simultaneously, it supports Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. Users will access all incoming and outgoing emails by utilizing this powerful search engine. Nowadays, individuals enjoy working in a variety of virtual desktop settings. VMware, Terminal Server, and Citrix are a few virtualization technologies. It is equipped to manage all of these virtual platforms. It is compatible with all file types and graphic formats.


Preview Option Is Required

There is no need for you to open a document from a search result that you are not familiar with. Each file is shown in a preview window by this software. Then it will be quite simple to locate any file that has been requested. Additionally, it allows you to edit a document immediately from the preview window it displays. This function will save you a huge amount of time. A number of strong search and filtering options are included with Lookeen. In other words, it can return a result based on a variety of criteria.

 Lookeen Discount & Pricing

Lookeen is available in three distinct editions. Each of these can be deemed reasonably priced. As of 1 April 2018, the Standard Edition is only $49.80. If you wish to use some sophisticated features, we recommend the Business Edition. This solution has the ability to manage group policies. It is available for just $98.77. For only 138.04 USD, Lookeen Enterprise Edition is available. This one allows for the creation of a shared index. None of these goods require a monthly or annual cost. This implies that you only have to pay once to use any desktop search options for the rest of your life. So if you are looking to purchase the advanced search technology, check our Lookeen coupon here.

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